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November 1, 2011
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As soon as he could get away from the old man that pulled him away from the fight, Bruce ran to his car and grabbed the bag he kept his gear in and rushed to change. Meanwhile, Waylon was battling two large plants that were putting up a good fight while Pamela stayed safely back, holding a small plant in her hand, hidden inside her purse.
Being taller than him, the two plants had an easy job of keeping him at bay, attacking and retreating, but other than keeping the large teenager at bay, there was not much else they could do against the raging mutant.
"This is how you treat me after all we've been through?" he asked and knocked one of the plants out of the ground.
"All we've been through? Do you listen to yourself? All you care about was that I gorgeous, you didn't care about anything I was interested in! At least Bruce takes an interest in me beyond my looks!"
"What's wrong with likin' you for your looks? You show'm off plenty."
"You take that back you... sewer lizard!"
"Sewer?! I bathed last week!" Waylon growled and grabbed the large plant that was attacking him and ripped it apart. "I tried bein' nice bout this, but you ain't giving me a choice here."
"How's this for a choice?" a familiar voice replied. "Turn yourself in to the police or be taken in."
"Bat-freak... where are ya, ya... flyin' rat?!"
Bruce was hiding behind one of the amusement park games, positioned just behind Waylon whose head kept darting to the sides, trying to find him. While he was distracted, he rushed to one of the food stands and grabbed a couple of the canisters of juice and took off.
"Show yourself, coward!" Waylon yelled and next thing he knew, something crashed into him, splashing him with orange juice.
He shook it off and turned in the direction it came from to find his enemy. "You tryin to make a fool of me?"
"You don't need him for that," Pamela countered.
Waylon charged at him but Bruce jumped out of the way but not before launching the second jug of juice at him. The attacker crashed into one of the stands and ended up buried under the walls as it caved in on top of him. It only slowed him down because a few moments later he burst out furious.
"I'm gonna rip you apart!" he roared and charged.
Bruce stood perfectly still and let him approach. At the last minute he dived to the side but as he went, he threw two pellets that exploded in a white gas the moment they touched Waylon's body, making him fall coughing. But as he tried to get back up, he seemed to slow down.
"Despite not being an actual crocodile, you're still sensitive to cold temperature," Bruce stated.
"W-what did you d-do to m-me?" Waylon asked shaking.
"Orange juice and Nitrous gas. It'll hold you until the police arrive."
"Oh no, I'm not leaving him to the police," Pamela said moving closer with a vial in her hand. "You've been a scaly thorn in my side for too long."
"The police will handle him, Ms Isly," Bruce said getting in her way.
"Screw the police! They couldn't take care of him once, they're not getting a second chance," she replied and tried to move passed him but Bruce grabbed her arm and took the vial out of her hand. "Why are you protecting him?! You're supposed to be on our side!"
"He will get the justice he deserves but from the police."
"What about my justice?" she insisted and threw her last plant at him, it latched onto his suit and quickly extended vines to bind him.
The constricting force was so great it brought Bruce to his knees, his arms glued to his body.
"You mean well but he has to pay," she said picking up the vial.
"Don't do this..." Bruce urged, trying to release himself.
Pamela ignored him and walked towards Waylon. The sound of sirens distracted her for a moment and she saw a police car driving their way. She scowled but did not stop.
"Don't do this!" Bruce pleaded as his fingers inched towards the buttons at the centre of his belt but again she ignored him as she grabbed Waylon's chin, who was desperately trying to move away.
Pressing the button unleashed an electric shock that threw the plant off him. Bruce grabbed a small, black, metal boomerang from his belt in the shape of a bat's wing and threw it at her hand, making her drop the vial that shattered on impact.
"No!" she cried just as the police car stopped a few feet away but Bruce had already ran off.
Minutes later, after a few more police cars arrived, Bruce got back, changed back into his normal clothes, just in time to see an armoured car driving Waylon away and Pamela being led to a squad car in handcuffs. She noticed him in the corner of her eye and turned her head to look at him. She gave him a grieved yet apologetic look then looked away ashamed as she got in the car.
"Bruce!" detective Gordon called and rushed over. "Are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. What happened?"
"That's what I'd like to ask you. Ms Isly kept asking about where you were..."
"Well, Waylon was picking a fight but she sort... fought back."
"We talked some eyewitnesses who said she was using some strange plants. Where did those come from?"
"I don't know but why was she taken away?"
"Well... I'm sorry to have to tell you this but, apparently the Batman interfered in the fight at some point and incapacitated Mr Jones. Unfortunately, Ms Isly wasn't happy with the idea of him being taken in... it looked like she was going to poison him, Bruce..."
"It's alright, the Batman stopped her but... Bruce, we had to take her in. I'm sorry... but I'm sure she won't be charged with anything serious," Gordon said bracingly.
Bruce walked away and did not stop until he reached home late at night. Alfred was still up, sitting in the living room by a lamp.
"Master Bruce, there you are!" he exclaimed rushing over. "James called and told me about what happened at the amusement park... but he said you'd left hours ago. Did you need to give a statement?"
"No... but I should have," Bruce said sitting on the couch.
"What do you mean, sir?"
"Because if Bruce Wayne had tried to stop Pamela, she would have listened... and now the Batman threw her in jail... her own boyfriend threw her in jail!"
"As I understood, Ms Isly was not quite herself when she tried to... resolve her differences with Mr Jones."
"And when Batman asked her to stop she didn't care... I should have broken the vial in the first place or led her away from there or just taken care of him faster... something! So she wouldn't be in this situation."
Alfred looked at him for a long while then walked next to him and had him look up.
"Master Bruce, why did you create Batman? To be a good friend or a protector?"
"What do you mean? To protect my friends."
"Only your friends, Master Bruce? Someone like the Batman cannot be so limited. He has to stand up for everyone, not only Bruce Wayne's friends. And, more importantly, he cannot think he failed because one of Bruce Wayne's friends made a wrong choice."
Bruce was thoughtful for a few moments then sighed. "You're right. Batman cannot be simple person. He has to be a symbol."
After their talk, Bruce went upstairs but stopped just before going into his room. "You heard all that?"
"Yeah... tough night, huh?" Rick said walking over.
"Something like that... how close did you say you were to getting that black belt?"
"Real close," the other boy said grinning.
took really long... and I have a few questions for my readers.

1. Who taught Bruce martial arts in Batman TAS? I know David Cain was his actual teacher in the comic books... or one of them. But that might complicate things... despite my following question.

2. I'm considering of putting Cassandra Cain in the story at one point... good idea or bad idea?

Batman is Bob Kane

Gotham High is Celeste Green and Jeffrey Thomas
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SpiderLondon Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I don't like the idea of Cassandra being in the story, because if this is based upon the TAS then having Cassandra in it would make no sense what so ever. By the way, "I'm waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiting!" for the next chapter, that quote was from Sonic from Sonic Underground
KravenK Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
never watched much sonic... and it's not based that much on TAS. it also follows what ideas were inspired by the original pictures for the show that never as. the many movies and crossovers i've seen and whatever else that i feel like putting in. so whether i disappoint people or not, i really like Cassandra though i don't know much about her. so if you're looking for a lore-friendly, TAS inspired fanfic you may be disappointed.
SpiderLondon Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm really didn't care if you put her in or not but just show who she is so for people who don't know her will actually understand who she is. I prefer her not to be in it but if you want her in there then go right ahead! :) I just enjoy this fanfic so I'll be fine with any of your decisions that you make.
chinichisama Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
I don't really believe that putting Cassandra in is a good idea, and I know that one of his teachers was a japanese woman (as seen in Batman Beyond, considered canon), But if you go on under cartoons the whole animated series is there, if it will give you some ideas.
And I agree with anothr person about more Scarecrow, but also more Riddler too. :) Hope I gave a little help! Awesome story too, by the way, great job!
KravenK Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thanks but i'm afraid i'm becoming quite adamant about bringing cassandra in at one point.
chinichisama Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
Well, that's fine, it was just a personal prefrence for me, just cause I'm not a bid Cassandra fan myself. But that's just me. :p

But on the information route, you can always try the Batman Wiki too if you need help with fact stuff, it's really good for it. :)
KravenK Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thanks but i've already seen the cartoon top to bottom, i'd rather not complicate myself too much trying to be too accurate in terms of story and just let it flow
chinichisama Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Yeah, I suppose I can see where that would be a bad thing. ^^' But in any case, good luck with your story, you're doing a great job!
KravenK Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thanks, hopefully i'll manage to put up another chapter soon.
chinichisama Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Well, whenever you do, I'll be there to read it! :)
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