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Batman Stuff by mischievousO-O


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June 5, 2011
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Bruce rushed o this car in the parking lot, keeping his eyes and ears alert for anything but he was lucky to get all the way there without being seen by anyone. He grabbed his bag and rushed to the gym to put it on, wondering if he was not exaggerating a bit by changing into his alter ego. After all, it could have been a simple practical joke.
Inside, Ivy had backed away until she reached the tables but when the figure came out of the smoke it turned out to be Wayde.
"You look pretty, Pammy doll," he said with a wide toothy grin.
"You look like something that crawled out of a sewer. Is this your doing?" she asked waving at the smoke.
"Where's Wayne?"
"He had to leave early, what do you want, you overgrown brute?"
"Payback, but I'll settle for a dance instead," he answered walking closer until a tray of food smashed against his head.
Turning around he saw the short, skinny Edward who was shaking like a leaf but had a furious look on his face. Wayde looked at him stunned for a moment then smiled, revealing his large cone shaped teeth.
"You really picked the wrong time to act brave, shrimp," he said making his knuckles snap.
"Leave him alone," a hoarse voice demanded and a moment later a shadow dropped in front of Wayde.
"Oh, I've been waitin' for you," the large boy said and swung his arm at him.
Bruce easily evaded him then tripped him, making him run face first into the refreshment tables.
"Leave," he said and Pamela and Edward understood he meant them.
Most of the people had left when the smoke first started filling the room, by the time Pamela and Eduard left, Bruce and Wayde were the only ones left. The latter stood up after crashing in the tables and wiped his face off with his sleeve then turned to face his enemy.
"I'm gonna rip your wings of, Batboy," he said and charged.
Bruce waited till the last moment then jumped several feet in the air and let Wayde keep going. When he landed he reached in one of the pockets on his belt and took out a small pellet he threw at Wayde as he charged at him again. The pellet exploded in a cloud of smoke and made him stop choking. As he opened his eyes to see what was going on, he only caught a glimpse of a black clad fist before it hit him straight in the face, knocking him back a few feet but not off the ground. He blindly waved his arm and Bruce wrapped one end of a robe to the wrist then rushed behind him and grabbed his other wrist. Unlike last time, Wayde grabbed the rope and threw his arms forward, tossing Bruce over his head. He only managed to turn midair and land safely on his feet.
"Ain't gonna be like last time," Wayde said grinning.
"Clearly," Bruce replied and took an old fashion slingshot out of one of the pockets, placed three pellets inside and started spinning it.
"You think that'll stop me?" Wayde said amused and prepared to attack, his mouth wide open and his teeth bared.
The reptilian teenager attacked him again, dodging the pellets when they were released but without realising it, it had been a distraction as Bruce had tossed a creampuff at his feet so when he dodged, he stepped right in it and slipped. He crashed in the wall but before he could get back up, Bruce put him to sleep with a miniature tranquilizer gun then tied him up.
"So much for you then," Bruce said pleased.
"Wow..." a voice exclaimed, almost making him jump but he recognised it. "You were amazing," Barbara added.
"I could not let him run rampage," he replied, doing his best to hide his best.
"Who are you?" she asked moving closer.
"No, the real you, the one under the mask," she insisted.
"I am the one the mask shows," he said then ducked into the shadows and rushed out.
Though he had not been injured in the battle, jumping around like that had forced his ribs. He was rushing to his car when he saw someone already there so he ducked behind a tree. It was Pamela, she was probably worried about him but he had to get her out of there. He stood there thoughtful for a few moments then grabbed his cell phone, in a few moments her phone rang.
"Pam? It's Bruce."
"Bruce! Oh God, are you alright?!" she asked in a panicky voice.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry I bailed on you but my ribs started to hurt so I called Alfred to pick me up."
"Oh, thank goodness..." she said and breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad you got out of here when you did."
"Why? What happened? Did Jay spike the punch?"
"I'll tell you about it later... what about your car?"
"I'll pick it up on Monday."
"Bruce, you're too naive sometimes. You can't leave it here overnight, not a silver Cadillac. It won't last the night, never mind the weekend."
"Oh, right... then..."
"I can take it home, since you owe me a ride," she said leaning against the car door. "And I'll pick you up on Monday. Don't worry about starting it, when you hang around Jay and Harley, you pick up a few things."
"That's for sure... Thanks, Pam. See you Monday."
After hanging up the phone she got in the car and hotwired it then drove off, leaving him stuck at the school with aching ribs. He had no choice but to walk home through alleys, since he had left his clothes in the trunk of his car.
Three blocks later he was having trouble breathing and had to stop and lean against a wall. Just then, a police car drove by and the driver noticed him and pulled over. Answering difficult questions was the last thing he needed, and by then word of what happened at school might have reached the police as well. He ran off but the policemen saw him before he turned the corner and ran after him. For two blocks he managed to stay ahead and reached a tall fence he jumped over using his grappling hook but fell to his knees upon landing. The police still behind him he kept going and was almost run over when crossing the street by a girl on a motorcycle.
"Whoa! Where'd you come from?" she said taking her helmet off, revealing raven black hair and blue eyes.
"Stop right there!" one of the policemen yelled as they reached the fence.
The girl looked over his shoulder then put her helmet back on. "Get on!" she told him.
Though reluctant to get on a motorcycle with someone he did not know in his condition, because of his condition he did not have a choice and got on behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist. The girl drove off in a hurry, making his ribs ache but at least the police would not get her licence plate. With his directions she took him several blocks away when they finally stopped and Bruce got off.
"You alright, Shadow Man?" she asked.
"I'm fine, thank you," he replied then turned to leave.
"Don't I get a name at least?" she said slightly annoyed.
He paused for a moment then turned to look at her and said: "Batman."
"Cool name. I'm Selina. See you around, Batsie," she said and winked then drove off.
i know you've been waitin, it's finally here

Batman is Bob Kane

Gotham High is Celeste Green and Jeffrey Thomas
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